Luxurious bath fizz with activated charcoal and cocoa butter.

The most fragrant bath fizz in the range, in a recyclable glass jar with cork stopper.


Popular year-round. Simply pour into a warm bath to turn the water into a mini spa, whilst the Kaolin Clay makes a creamy foam. A reinvigorating and refreshing bath awaits.


Charcoal Detox Bath Fizz

    • Scent: Floral, citrusy and invigorating


    • Activated Charcoal: for a gentle cleanse, with highly adsorbent properties


    • Cocoa Butter: for all-over moisturising


    • Kaolin Clay: for a creamy foam


    • Epsom Salts: for a luxurious soak


    • Eucalyptus Oil: de-stressing, anti-inflammatory


    • Lemon Essential Oil: mood boosting 


    • Lavender Essential Oil: for calm, focus, memory and concentration


    • Lavender Buds: for a touch of fragrant botanical luxury


    • Lavender Essential Oil: for calm & focus