personal coaching


What is a personal coach?

A coach is someone who is by your side, your wingwoman, your cheerleader, your support in establishing more positivity, more success and greater results.


A coach doesn’t have or tell you the answers to questions you may have. Instead, a coach knows when to ask the right questions and encourages you to look deeper and connect with your core beliefs to discover what you really desire for your life.


Connecting with your core beliefs can be a really difficult process for some. Perhaps the core beliefs are old beliefs that are no longer serving you. Perhaps there’s a block in the way, or you may think you’re familiar with what you believe but actually it’s something entirely different.


I can help to remove the blocks, I can help you identify where something isn’t serving you anymore, and I can help you to understand yourself in a new way.


More about beliefs:

Our belief system is something that is created over time, from our childhood, or repeatedly hearing the same words, statement or message. It’s something that is so subtle, we may not even be aware of it. It is our beliefs on which we base our decisions, choice, carry out actions and form our daily habits.


A disconnect with the belief system manifests itself in a number of ways.


Physical health



Relationship breakdown

Destination addiction

Weight gain/loss

Feeling stuck in your Career

Lack of Confidence

Act of self sabotage

Poor finances

Working Together

We will establish what your ultimate goals are, identify what is causing a problem, re-write any beliefs that are creating barriers and create a plan in moving forward confidently.



Personal Coaching Session

- Single


Personal Coaching Session

- 4 Week Course 


Personal Coaching Session

- 8 Week Course