detox & cleanse support




This program is suitable for both beginners and experienced detoxers. Over a period of 10 days you will be removing a food group each day leading you into a period of 3 'fasting' days.


Each day that you remove a food group you increase your intake of the support shake.


Your support shake is specifically designed by professionals to support the kidneys and liver through clearance processes, reduces detoxification symptoms and supports energy levels.


In addition to a program protocol, you will receive daily support from me!


Each day will consist of activities or information sessions that will strengthen your mind to ensure you hop, skip and jump your way to the end of the program,  empower you to introduce healthy changes to your mindbody lifestyle and crowd out habits that no longer serve you.


By the end of the 10 days you can look forward to feeling energised, revitalised and clearer skin, with a new found mental strength and restored mental clarity!

My 10 Day Express Mindbody Detox Program

When designing this Detox program it REALLY excited me! So many important aspects of detoxing all combined together.


Who is it for?

This program is a fantastic all round program and will suit anyone who wants to achieve the following​:

Reduce toxic overload

Take control of cravings

Improve eating habits

Build a better connection with their 'system'

Reduce bloating and flatulence

Reduce the physical signs of stress

Improve digestion

Lose inches

Take control of their general health and wellbeing

Improve energy levels

Improve skin conditions

Would like to do a detox but unsure where or how to start



Mindbody Detox

Includes: Detox protocol, recipe ideas, access to facebook support group, alkalising support shake.


Mindbody Detox + Colon Hydrotherapy Treatment

Includes: Detox protocol, 3x colon hydrotherapy treatments, recipe ideas, access to facebook support group, alkalising support shake.



Charcoal Cleanse


A ‘ deep clean’ for the stomach and intestines. As charcoal moves through the digestive system it absorbs trapped gas and nasties that may be causing discomfort and pain. Charcoal is also effective in reducing that bloated feeling. Live bacteria is taken during the cleanse. Charcoal capsules and live bacteria included.

Liver & Galbladder Cleanse


A clean, healthy liver is essential for disease free living. Gallstones that ‘clog up’ the liver and gallbladder prevent these organs from performing to their full potential which has a detrimental effect on the health of the rest of the body. This cleanse will help to restore free flowing bile, metabolise fats and increase the efficiency in removing toxins from the liver. Includes protocol, 3x Colon Hydrotherapy treatments, lifestyle and dietary consultation. A day of rest is required following the cleanse.