Blue Moon
Water Girl

Hi I’m Frankie,


Owner of Mindbody Wholistic, Wife and Mummy. Lover of chocolate, sunsets, detoxes and crystals. And my favourite topic of conversations are usually centred around energy and poo!


I’m the lady on the beach whose nose is buried in ‘Dr Jensons Guide to better Bowel Care’ while everyone else is losing themselves in a novel!


In my job I get to know my clients on another level so thought it was only fair to share a little extra detail about me!

 I’ve been in the beauty, health and well-being industry since 2006. I specialised in Colon Hydrotherapy and Detoxification in 2009 and trained in Scotland with renowned expert Anne-Lise Miller. After a year of ongoing studies I qualified in 2010. 

Throughout my career I have spent time gaining my teaching qualifications and teaching in further education and more recently I have gone on to gain my Advanced Colon Hydrotherapy qualification and Coaching Diploma.


There were a few reasons as to why I decided to specialise in Colonics. I have a deep passion for the human body and how it works- it really fascinates me. I was seeing many clients’ health questionnaire on a daily basis with a range of ailments. Taking a cocktail of medication seemed to be the ‘norm’. I knew the gut was the hub of health and wanted to understand more on this. In addition, I also wanted to improve my own health.


I have experienced huge benefits through Colon Hydrotherapy and Detoxification myself. At that time of training I was overweight, suffering from recurrent bladder infections which seemed to turn up whenever my bowel was slowing down. I also found that I had been ignoring signs that my body was intolerant to wheat and dairy, which exacerbated my medical condition (PCD). 


I truly believe, life is a journey of self discovery. Over the years I have helped many clients reconnect with their body again to help relieve the symptoms they’re experiencing on a day to day basis. Symptoms ranging from abdominal discomfort, bloating and constipation to skin, bladder, and fertility issues.


In Scotland I learnt that these were all symptoms of something lying much deeper in my system. I learnt how to listen to my body and the signs/symptoms it was presenting to me and how to get to the root. Most importantly, I learnt why taking care of the colon is so important and experienced immediate relief from my symptoms.


I can honestly say, I am mentally and physically a different person since truly understanding my body, how it functions and how lifestyle can limit our level of health. happiness and vitality.

Love, Frankie